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swimming pool heaters and heat exchangers

Swimming Pool Heaters and Heat Exchangers

We stock the most efficient Pool Heaters from major brands such as Certikin, Pahlens, Thermalec Electric Swimming Pool Heaters and Bowmans Heat Exchangers for Spas. At Products for Pools, you’ll find the best Gas Pool Heaters, Commercial Pool Heaters, Heat Exchangers for Spas, Pool Gas Heaters and Cheap Pool Heaters. 

We also understand that due to ever increasing costs, you’re looking for highly efficient pool heaters, in accordance with the Governmental legislation stating that all new swimming pool installations must use renewable energy sources to heat the pool. 

That's why we stock a great range of the most efficient pool heaters, including eco-friendly Suncell Solar Power products. Whether it's a straightforward replacement gas/oil heater or the latest high tech solution to your heating requirements, we can help you to choose the best option to fit your needs.

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